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Fujikura Composites Compounding Technology

Rubber is actively used in a variety of fields, from rubber bands and super balls to automobiles, railways, and elevators.
If you are wondering whether the contents of these rubber products are the same, in fact they are not.
The contents (composition) will greatly differ according to the size of the product, the application, and the usage environment.
If we were to explain this more simply in a different way, we could say that it resembles Chinese noodles.
Isn’t it true that even for the same flavor of Chinese noodles, soy sauce flavored noodles for instance, they will have a completely different taste depending on the restaurant that makes them?
This is because each individual restaurant will have its own different recipe (composition) and the way of cooking them (for example, whether or not the restaurant devotes its time to prepare the soup stock). For this reason, even if a rubber product’s material is the same EPDM, the answer to the question of whether another manufacturer’s product marked “EPDM” would also have the same composition would be “no” (in a way, this is both troubling and highly intriguing).

We are always pursuing and developing this “composition”, which comprises the core of the so-called “highly functional rubber” products that are indispensable for our lifestyles, in order to create rubbers that will prove useful for all our customers.

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