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Perfluoropolyether Rubber (FO)

About Perfluoropolyether Rubber (FO)

Perfluoropolyether rubber is a completely new type of fluororubber material that improves the weak points in the performance of previous rubber materials from all aspects. In addition to allowing use over an extremely wide temperature range, this material fully satisfies most of the properties required for rubber materials, including oil resistance, fuel oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, low tack, leeching resistance, volatility resistance, electrical resistance, compression permanent distortion resistance, incombustibility, temperature dependence resistance, ozone resistance, and weather resistance.
We recommend using this material in cases where you are faced with problems in the performance of previous rubber materials, where you are giving up utilizing rubber itself due to the severity of the usage environment, or where you would like to save the trouble of making repairs and replacements semi-permanently.

Fujikura Composites Perfluoropolyether Rubber
*Effective for improving the cold resistance, chemical resistance and tack of previous fluororubber.
*Effective for further improving the cold resistance and chemical resistance of previous cold resistant fluororubber.
* Effective for lowering the costs and improving the cold resistance of previous chemical resistant fluororubber.
* Effective for improving the gas permeability resistance, improving the chemical resistance, and as measures to counter volatile gases of previous fluorosilicone rubber (FVMQ).
Our perfluoropolyether rubber has been extensively used in automotive diaphragms (having chemical resistance, heat resistance, and cold resistance) and O-rings for artificial dialysis equipment (having leeching resistance).
Further, because LIM molding (See Note) is adopted, this material is superior to other materials in many aspects, such as for shortening the molding cycle time and preventing the mixing in of foreign substances.

Note: LIM Molding
LIM takes the initials of Liquid Injection Molding. This molding method consists of mixing a number of liquid raw materials (generally two liquids) in a fixed ratio at room temperature, and injecting the mixture into a high temperature metal mold, which is then hardened by heating.
Although the materials were previously limited to silicone rubbers with hardening times that were capable of supporting the speed of the injection molding, recently other materials have also become available for molding. As multi-cavity production is also possible, the use of this method is widening.

Merits of Perfluoropolyether Rubber
・Heat resistance
・Oil resistance
・Solvent resistance
・Chemical resistance
・Ozone resistance
・Cold resistance

Main Applications of Perfluoropolyether Rubber
・Diaphragms (Automotive fuel systems)
・O-rings (Automotive fuel systems)
・Sealing materials for printer ink pumps