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Hydrogenated NBR (HNBR)

About Hydrogenated NBR (HNBR)

Hydrogenated NBR (H-NBR) is a highly functional rubber that overcomes to the maximum the weak points of NBR, which is a typical oil-resistant rubber.
By chemically combining the double bond of the butadiene that forms the main chain of the NBR using the hydrogenation reaction, the heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance and other properties of the polymer itself is highly improved.
In addition, a high mechanical strength that was not offered by the former NBR is also provided.
A large difference will be created in the performances of the HNBR properties according to the amount of double bonds (hydrogenated rate) and the amount of acrylonitrile (AN) included in the polymer main chain.
These performances exhibit product properties that could not be fully covered by the previous NBR materials.

Fujikura Composites hydrogenated NBR (H-NBR)
*Heat resistance has been improved compared to previous NBRs.
*Weather resistance (ozone resistance) has been improved compared to previous NBRs.
*Mechanical properties have been improved compared to previous NBRs.
As the main applications, the material is often used in belts, fuel hoses, oil seals, diaphragms, and gaskets, and also in various kinds of sealing materials, printing rolls and blankets.
Our HNBR has been frequently chosen particularly for use in the diaphragms and various types of sealing materials in gasoline vehicles, CNG vehicles, and LPG vehicles.
In recent years, we have received great attention for our biofuel related applications (alcohol and diesel), and are offering supportive materials.

Merits and Advantages of Hydrogenated NBR
・Heat resistance
・Oil resistance
・Ozone resistance
・Low gas permeability
・Cold resistance
・High mechanical strength
・Abrasion resistance

Main Applications of Hydrogenated NBR
・Automobile fuel pump diaphragms and sealing materials
・Gas fueled automobile diaphragms and sealing materials
・Sliding O-rings
・Gas pressure reducing valve diaphragms