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Anti-Vibration Rubber

Anti-Vibration Rubber

Our lives are surrounded by vibrations from sources such as vehicles and machines.
Anti-vibration rubber maintains both elasticity and damping which are unique to rubber, and provides insulation from these types of harmful vibrations using simple and easy structures.

Fujikura Composites Anti-vibration Rubber
The technical development of our anti-vibration rubber began from 1950 (originally developed by Takafuji Kasei), and since then we have increased the number of items available in fields including railway vehicles (bogie anti-vibration rubber such as axis springs), and industrial machinery (elevators, large-sized equipment such as crushers).

And these days, in addition to supporting the shape designs, our anti-vibration rubber supports any usage environment by adopting materials with cold resistance and heat resistance developed from our compounding technology fostered over many years. Besides, extremely low hardness materials (Hardness 3 of Durometer A) have been developed to support the vibration proofing of lightweight equipment as well.

Merits of Anti-Vibration Rubber
 ・Due to the characteristics of rubber, the materials will maintain both the functions of springs and dampers
 ・Comparatively low prices
 ・Mounting will be easy by attaching metal fittings

Applications of Anti-Vibration Rubber
 ・Vibration-proofing of vehicles and machines
 ・Vibration-proofing of image processing equipment such as OA equipment
 ・Vibration-proofing without outgas, supporting use in clean rooms

Cautions with regard to Anti-Vibration Rubber
 ・There will be ranges according to the vibration frequency where vibration-proofing will be ineffective
 ・It will be essential to select the rubber according to the usage environment

We will support detailed and optimum designs in response to your requirements.