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Automotive Field

Fuel System Components
・Fuel pump diaphragms
・Pressure regulator diaphragms
・Pulsation damper diaphragms
・ORVR diaphragms
・Canister diaphragms
・Auto cock diaphragms
・Injector O-rings

Exhaust System Components
・Turbo waste gate diaphragms
・VTG turbo actuator diaphragms
・EGR valve diaphragms
・Exhaust purifying valve DFs

Brake System Components
・ABS O-rings and grommets
・Braking chamber diaphragms for air brakes
・Check valves for brake valves
・Hydraulic brake master cylinders and vacuum boosters
・Hydraulic brake wheel cylinder boots

Drive System and Lubrication System Components
・ATF linear solenoid packing
・Oil pressure diaphragms

Electronic Control System Components
・Electronic throttle unit gaskets
・Connector grommets

Ignition System Components
・Direct ignition plug boots
・Distributor diaphragms

Clean Energy-related
・LPG vehicle regulator diaphragms and plungers
・CNG vehicle regulator diaphragms and valves
・DME supporting rubber components
・Fuel cell electric vehicle diaphragms and packing

・O.P.S. diaphragms and O-rings
・Fuel-related and air-related solenoid valve sealing components
・Diesel engine EGR, priming pumps, and boost compensator diaphragms
・Auto speed control actuators, negative pressure pump diaphragms, check valves, plungers, etc.
・Idle speed control diaphragms, valves, etc.
・Auto tensioner diaphragms and boots