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Umbrellas and Duckbills

Umbrellas and Duckbills

What are umbrellas and duckbills?
Umbrellas and duckbills are precise, small-sized check valves which have characteristic shapes that utilize the deformation and sealing properties of rubber materials. Due to their extremely sensitive response and high reliability, they are used in a wide variety of applications.

These enable the configuration of check valves with the least number of components, the lowest cost, and the smallest space.

Features of Fujikura Composites Umbrellas and Duckbills
 ・Enable mounting in the smallest space
 ・Can be easily mounted
 ・Realize high reliability and durability
 ・Outstanding corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance

In addition to the lineup of standard products, we also develop exclusive designs to match particular usage conditions.
Further, we select the optimum rubber materials according to the liquid in contact and environmental conditions.